Analyzing Product Levels and Their Tangibility

Topics: Goods, Sri Lanka, Marketing Pages: 11 (1858 words) Published: May 9, 2005

Prepared By

Sanjeev Ratnapala

PCM 2 / 2004 / 0104

SBS Colombo
October 2004

Preliminary Certificate In Marketing

Table Of Content.

1.Executive Summary.5

2.Introduction To The 5 Selected Products.5

3.Analyzing The Levels Of The Products.6 - 11

4.Product Tangibility Analysis For The Selected Products.11- 14

5.Recommendations To Improve The Tangibility Of The 15
Selected Service Product.


7.List Of References.15

1. Exclusive Summery.

This report looks in to the five products that have being selected form the six product categorizes. They're Casio wrist camera watch, Arpico supermarket, Shania twain, Sigiriya, United National Party. With aid of the information I've gathered, I have evaluated each product and analyzed their product levels and given reasons why I placed the characteristic of each product in that specific level, and explained how a marketer can use these to make product awareness. Then, I've placed the products in the tangibility continuum and I have the reasoned out why I placed each product in the tangibility continuum. The chosen service product is further analyzed and given methods of how to improve the tangibility of it.

2. Introduction to the Five Products.

Every product can be categorized to six specific areas. The five areas that I have choused from this six are

Physical good,service,person,

The five products that I selected from each form these five categories are

1.Casio wrist camera (WQV-2 model) watch as a physical good. 2.Arpico supermarket as a service.
3.Shania twain as a person.
4.Sigiriya as a place.
5. United national party as an organization.

3. Analyzing the Levels of the Products.

The above five products can be analyzed by there product levels (core, formal and augmented products). To the ease the analyzing process I have used the aid of diagrams.

3.1 Physical Good.

Casio wrist camera watch (WQV-2 model).

Augmented product

Formal product

Core product

Convenience in photography

Display time. Alarm Light.
Display date, month and year.

Screen Stores up to Can take black and white saver. 100 JPGs. Photos.

Serial infrared port.

Monochrome screen.

Casio wrist camera watch is the only watch in the market that gives you the privilege of having a camera in your wristwatch. Not only that the watch has many features in augmented area. All those features are advance in technology, thus showing to the Casio customers that they are up to date with today's technology. Combining these attractive features with prestige brand name it would be easy to compete in the market and because there is no other brand giving the customer these options so the customer who has the need to buy this watch will turn to Casio Company. If there is product awareness the promotional campaigns don't have to be aggressive.

3.2 Services.

Arpico supermarket.

Augmented product

Formal product

Core product

Convenience in purchasing.

Special entrance for disables.
Varity of food items
Parking space.


References: 1. Preliminary Certificate In Marketing Recommended Study Text. By Nishan C.
Perera, Mallik De Silva
2. Technical Report Writing Today. By Pauley Riordan.
3. Www.Google.Com
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