Analyzing Movie Posters

Topics: Typography, Color, Tron Legacy Pages: 4 (1488 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Devin Morgan

Movie posters are meant to capture the audience’s interest and reel them into going to the movie they are each individually presenting. Some posters do their job in catching the audience’s attention and some just don’t create any interest. Whether it creates interest from the audience or not mainly depends upon the visual aspects of it. These aspects include alignment, repetition, contrast, balance, direction, color, and font. Other aspects that most posters try to achieve that aren’t necessarily visual are appealing to the audience, showing the purpose, and staying on the right side of ethics. Also most of all movie posters contain the aspects of ethos, pathos, and logos.

To correctly analyze a poster you have to keep all the things listed above in mind. The poster that is going to be analyzed here is the Tron Legacy movie poster. The movie was released in 2010. It is always good to know when the movie was released in order to take the context of the time period that it was made into consideration. The time of which it was made is nice to know but not much more, so that the analyzation is pure and isn’t clouded from already seeing the movie.

To start analyzing the poster we look at the color the first. Color is normally one of the first things seen because it is normally meant to pop out at the viewer. This poster mainly contains the colors of white, blue, and black. There are many shades of blue used in order to balance out the poster. There is not much black in the poster besides at the dark points in the poster, that are mainly just really dark shades of blue. Although there are only a couple of colors used in this poster it still does a good job of popping out to the viewer. This is because the poster has good balance and has good alignment.

The alignment of the poster is all in proximity to the center of the poster. In the center of the poster you have a man and a women posing together. The pose is that of; the man is...
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