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Analyzing HSO’s
Agency on Aging
Sandra Esqueda
Elizabeth Montelongo
Emma Johnson

The Area Agency on Aging department that we visited is located on 255 S Kansas Ave in Weslaco, Texas. The representative that spoke to us on behalf of The Area Agency on Aging is named Vivian Moreno who is a social worker with a BSW. The Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council ( LRGVDC) was designated in 1984 by the Texas Department on Aging as the Area Agency on Aging of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, one of 28 such area agencies. These agencies were created by the 1973 amendments to the Older Americans Act of 1965 to ensure that individuals aged 60 and over are treated with dignity, given independence, and provided with the opportunity to contribute to their communities. ( Task Environment:

Relationships with Funding Sources:
Cash Revenues:
Area Agency on Aging depends on funds coming from state and local funds. Funds are filtered down from the national level and then distributed throughout the state for the Rio Grande Branch the break-down of funds was as followed: III-B Supportive Service- $420,000

III-C Nutrition Service-$ 1,675,000
III-E Caregiver- $ 190,000
For a Total -$ 2,285,000
Vivian also informed us that on top of the budget that they have for the fiscal year they also get funds from the local level and some contribution but they are normally a minimal amount. Vivian also revealed to us that the numbers she gave us were numbers from this year and the fiscal year had ended already and are waiting for their new budget but will not receive those numbers until January 2014. (Area Agency on Aging, Vivian Moreno) Noncash revenues:

The agency does use volunteers especially for their Foster Grandparent Program which is a non-profit organization that allows people 55 years and over the opportunity to remain active by volunteering in the community. This particular program has some benefits associated with volunteering they include pre-service orientation and monthly training, an annual physical examination, supplemental insurance, a stipend of 2.65 per hour and mileage reimbursement of $.30 cents per mile and they also participate in recognition ceremonies. The kind of resources that the agency gets would be in donations from the public, including corporate companies, and the resources can be in the form of monetary, or even items that they might need to provided needed equipment for the elderly, for example during the summer they might need fans to help elderly stay cool or in the winter to keep the elderly warm they might ask the public or large corporate companies to donate heaters. Relationships with Clients and Referral Sources:

The Area Agency on Aging performs three important activities for persons age 60 and over in the Lower Rio Grande Valley: Advocates on behalf of all older persons, identifies the needs of the elderly, and creates an area plan for meeting those needs through a system of comprehensive and coordinated health and support services which enable older person to maintain their independence and dignity in a home environment. The one thing that we found interesting was the fact that it does not matter what your income is as long as you are 60 years and over the program is there to help the needs of the elderly. Where programs are aimed to the underprivileged the main focus in this program is to help the elderly and help them with the resources that they need. The Area Agency on Aging provides services such as Case Management Services who help with individual assessment, service plan development, arrangement of services, follow-up, ongoing monitoring and periodic revision of the service plan. Some of the services that they provide under the case management services include transportation, health maintenance, home modifications, respite care, home delivered meals, and homemaker. The Caregiver Program which offers a...
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