Analyzing Duke Hwan and the Wheelwright

Topics: Short story, Blow by Blow, Knowledge Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: February 14, 2008
The short story that I read about a rich and powerful Duke, namely Duke Hwan of Khi and an old wheelwright named Phien is a story full of learning and philosophies. Although the story may look like an easy one, but there is a deeper meaning of it once you have started reading and analyzing it. Truly, you can not judge a book by its cover. I divided the story to three different important parts. First part is when the wheelwright ask Duke Hwan what he is reading, the second part is Phien said that the Duke is just reading the dirt left by other people behind them and the last scene is when Phien, the wheelwright explains what he truly means of what he just said.

The first important scene is between Duke Hwan and Phien. Phien is out in the yard making a wheel. Due to Phiens curiosity, he asked the Duke what he is reading. This proves that Human are in natured curious about different things. People often ask questions to extend their knowledge and this is the start of different philosophy. As the Duke answered the question that, he is reading a book about Philosophy.(The experts. The authorities) The book was authorized by some famous philosopher long time ago who were now resting in peace in their graves. With the Duke answered, it only proves that Phythagoras was correct- Only God is the wise. Even the very first duke of Khi still needs to read books to gain his knowledge and wisdom proving that he is not wise enough. The scene ended when Duke Hwan asked Phien to explain what he had just said about reading the dirt of other people or else he will be executed.

The second scene is the explanation of Phien why he said such a thing. Saying those words proves that people have different perception in life. Philosophy is not constant in every person for change is the only constant thing in the world. Every non-objective question has different answers when asked to different persons. One may think of one way and the other in another way. There will be no concrete one...
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