Analyzes of Speak with Style and Watch the Impact

Topics: Rhetorical question, Rhetoric, Figure of speech Pages: 4 (1322 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Analyzes of Speak with Style and Watch the Impact

Carl Hensely wanted to improve his speeches by examining various speaking styles to enhance the impact of a speech. He examined how speakers developed organization; how they developed focus; how they developed their content with examples, quotations, and other types of support; and how they developed introductions and conclusions. Out of examining these speakers, he noticed that speakers make it a goal to reach out to the listeners so that the listeners would be pulled into the speeches with greater impact and interest than others. By doing this Carl set up an informative speech on how to make a speech improved.

So how does one pull the listeners so that they receive a powerful and correct impact? To help improve your style, Carl advocates that you use these four suggestions to greater the impact of your speech. Thus being: guard against language homicide, choosing the correct word is crucial to using the correct word, rhetorical questions, and alliteration.

A critical thinker must be on guard not only against language which intentionally obscures thought by arousing emotions, but also against more subtle abuses of language: using jargon, “age and “ize,” and clichés to deceive or mislead. This language makes the bad seem good, the negative appear positive, the unpleasant appear attractive or at least tolerable. Speeches get bloated (adding unnecessary, redundant words to express an idea) when you try to make more points then you can appropriately fit into your allotted time. For example, if you have a five to seven minute speech in a Toastmasters club and you try to explain ten major points, you are going to give a bloated speech. Delivering ten major points in a five to seven minute speech is not going to make you look any smarter; on the contrary, it might make you look confused as you rush to fit all of your points into your speech.  In order to make sure you are not trying to cram in too much...
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