Analyze Your Current Financial Position

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Planning a wedding! I love this assignment because I am really planning my wedding. My wedding is in 5 months so this would be my short term goal. First thing I did was to make a checklist or a to-do list for my wedding ideas I need to reserve, choose, buy and borrow. Start with the largest obvious items like my budget, the date, my wedding venue, my reception venue, the guest list and my dress, photos, DJ`s flowers caterers. Then I move on to my wedding party, family, friends in-laws and co-workers. Enlist the help of your family and friends and parents. Oh my checklist I talk to my soon to be husband to make sure that we agree on the budget. And get together with my husband to start our guest list. My first contact was be the church. To inquire if my selected date is available. Meet with my minister to discuss my plans and wishes, and my specific request. So that I can abide by their rules and regulations, which may include counseling sessions like most churchs do. Then start to shop for my wedding invites and save the dates. Now it`s time to plan for the reception site. OH, I found this helpful to me “How To Begin Wedding Planning - Part One

The Guest List
Congratulations! You are engaged! Now, where do you begin your wedding planning? You might think that you should begin by planning a date for your wedding? Or, contacting your church to put your wedding on the calendar. Well, those are good things to do, but you may be surprised to find out that before you can do those things, you need to reserve a wedding reception hall (assuming you are having a traditional wedding).

But, wait! Before you set out to find the hall of your dreams, you need to accomplish a few more things! First, you need to know how many guests you will be accommodating and second, you will need to begin formulating a reception budget. In this article, however, we will just tackle the guest list.

Okay, don't panic! I know the words "guest list" can be a pretty stressful...
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