Analyze the Winepress

Topics: Narratology, Wine, Narrative Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: December 6, 2012
The title of my story is: The Winepress
From the beginning I want to tell a short plot of this story and then I will start analyze it. Charles Jousselin de Gruse was a winemaker. One day he was on the meeting with foreign diplomats. All people tried his wine and it was unusually tasty. And then he told the story of this wine. Pierre (de Gruse) was in love with Faniry. But she was jealous, and after some time he killed her by a winepress. All people was impressed by the story, and then they understood, that this wine is made from her blood. The plot of this story involves external conflict and if to be specifically it is the conflict between one set of values against another set of values. In this story it is between taste and love So, what is the settings of this story or the exposition. It is easy to tell the exposition by one sentence that we can find in the beginning: "You don't have to be French to enjoy a decent red wine, but you do have to be French to recognize one" this sentence contains the main idea of the plot, and gives us necessary material for our thoughts. As we know, the second structural component is complications. «This fellow always gave you the story behind his wines. One of them was the most extraordinary story I ever heard. We were tasting, in his winery, and we came to a cask that made him frown» It pushes us on different thoughts about next events, it involve some action. The third structural component is the climax. «Eventually he pushed her off, and she stumbled towards the winepress,» - said Gruse. «You don't mean to tell me we're drinking this damned woman now, d'you?» - said the general. This examples shows us the key event, the relationship among the events becomes clear. In this story we don’t have the denouement.

Also this story has a complex narrative structure. Because we can find a flashback to the past events, in our case it is flashback to the story of the wine. In this story, Gruse is the central character

We don’t...
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