Analyze the Reason for the Anti-Federalist’ Opposition to Ratifying the Constitution

Topics: Federalism, United States Constitution, Articles of Confederation Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: February 21, 2011
To a remarkable degree Anti-Federalist had many different views and motivations to reject the ratification of the Constitution. The both parties Federalist (also known as Nationalist) had different views on the constitution, Anti-Federalist opposed the Constitution. They felt the articles should only be amended, it also felt that the constitution gave more power to the central government and less to the states, and for having such a negative sounding label the Anti-Federalist didn’t get as much support as the Federalist.

Before the constitution we have today, there was something known as the Articles of Confederation, which was essentially an early version of the Constitution. When the Articles of Confederation were written, a group of American leaders thought that the newly-written articles didn't give the main federal government enough power and that too much power was being given to individuals and the state. They called themselves the federalists. To oppose them a new group formed called the Anti-Federalist. They felt that the articles should be changed, because the Original Articles wanted to give the central federal government a lot more power over the states, which caused the anti-Federalist to opposed.

Anti-Federalist felt that the Constitution gave more power to central government and less to the states. Anti-federalist saw the constitution as a sinister plot by an Elite leader; “to lord it over to the rest of their fellow citizens, to trample the poorer part of the people under their feet that they may be rendered their servants as slaves.” They also argued that the constitution would become to tyrannical because the central government wouldn’t be able to run all states as a result of being too distant and removed from interest of common citizens and farmers.

The Anti-Federalist didn’t ever top off a counter campaign effective as the Federalists’ pamphlets, speeches, and newspaper editorials. Federalist had a base support of commercial farmers,...
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