Analyze the methods used by the one single-party ruler in his successful bid for power.

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Weimar Republic Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: June 4, 2014
Analyze the methods used by the one single-party ruler in his successful bid for power.

Hitler was a single part state ruler of Germany who had led the Nazis and played undoubtedly the biggest role in starting the Second World War.However, when studying Hitler, it is important to remember he had not always been in control of a large portion of Europe, let alone Germany itself. Thus this paper will explain the methods used by Hitler in his successful bid for power which are political prowess, intimidation, and opportunism.

Firstly, Hitler’s political prowess will be analyzed for its strengths and weaknesses in Hitler’s coming to power. Hitler used a wide array of propaganda in his coming to power that appealed to all social groups that had been in Germany at the time of his rule. For example, he lobbied his campaign towards married women, big businesses, small businesses, the unemployed, the workers and also the youth. He led many campaigns which appealed to the desires of these groups such as promising work for the unemployed, if he was to come into power. These promises that he made to the public had to have been successful because in the november election of 1932, Hitler’s Nazis had the biggest party in the Reichstag of approximately 230 chairs. However, that is not to say that his political maneuvers had no fault. His youth policies had not been totally accepted by the children of the Germany, which led to 2 youth uprising which Hitler had to have taken care of. However, his political successes can also be seen in his manipulation of Hidenberg into initiating Article 48 and commencing emergency decrees to allow Hitler to reign as he pleased as the chancellor without having to listen to the Reichstag, which aided greatly in his consolidation of power. Hitler’s strengths as a political figure can also be seen in his great oratorical abilities. Hitler had the ability to evoke passion and install his truths and beliefs through his passionate and...
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