Analyze the importance of Gandhi to the success of the Indian Independence movement

Topics: Indian independence movement, Civil disobedience, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: November 8, 2013
When addressing to the success of the Indian independence movement, Mahatma Gandhi is always mentioned. To a large extent the importance of Gandhi to the success in achieving the independence movement is unadoptable. As the major leader of the movement, not only should Gandhi’s role in the movement and his ideology should be examined; moreover to determine the importance of him to the success, the world wide situation during that period should also be considered as one of the major factors in allowing India to achieve her independence. Undoubtedly, the major key that triggered Gandhi’s thought of Satyagraha movement was his participation in the South Africa movement between 1893 to 1914. Through the cooperation with wide range of Indians, he had the opportunity to be exposed to all sorts of political methodologies such as marches, rallies and press campaigns. These political tactics combining with Gandhi’s belief, his philosophy had thereby created the concept of Satyagraha, focusing on non violence resistance to injustice and evil. With Gandhi’s philosophy of “every individual was created to search for truth and that to fully be human, individuals should reach the truth within themselves” this in relation to the non violence methodology gave the reason that “Weaker must not be force to accept the view of the strongest against own truth” it is therefore essential for individuals to follow this ideology. He was also clear in stating that such challenge cannot easily be achieved, only strong individuals can achieve the goal in searching for the inner truth. Different perspectives suggest the different approach in evaluating Gandhi’s role. One could argue that he was one of the greatest men in India’s history as “he gave shape and character to India's freedom struggle” moreover, he even “sacrificed his own life” for the sake of granting India its independence. Certainly, Gandhi could be argued to be the crucial role in the freedom struggle of India as he was the...
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