Analyze the Impact That European Intrusions Had on the World in the 19th Century

Topics: Indian Rebellion of 1857, East India Company, China Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: March 28, 2009
Europe, especially Britain , was able to conquer the whole wide world during the 18-19th century. The impacts of these intrusions could be felt way into the 19th century. By breaking down and separating the impacts that Europeans had on the world, one can see that Europe had an impact in society, technology, and in politics.

Europeans were able to make social changes the their intrusions to new lands. Europeans immigrated into their new lands after the conquered it. For example, after the Europeans were able to remove the Zulus and other native Africans from their tropical lands; they moved in. They impacted the social hierarchy in Africa, making themselves on the top. Another example of how Europeans changed society is in China. After China reluctantly gave in to Britain and started to trade equally with them, other countries wanted in to the bargain. One of the conditions they wanted was extraterritoriality, which allowed their citizens to live under their own laws even when in China, thus making them virtually immune from Chinese justice. In short, the Europeans took advantage of the people the conquered and made themselves the head of society.

Europeans affected the technology in the different places it conquered. In Africa, they built trains throughout the interior so that transportation could be easier. The Europeans brought in much more advanced technology than the African’s had. In India, the Europeans also built trains to help with transportation. They also improved textiles in India. They especially improved cotton textiles. The Europeans also brought trains to China. Unfortunately, many Chinese peasants tore them down. The Europeans also produced telegraph lines and factories that made good such as: weapons, ammunition, steamships, and textiles. The Europeans brought in new advanced technologies into their new countries.

Europeans finally affected the politics in the places they intruded into. They...
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