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Executive Summary

Kodak offers better value on imaging products. It uses different strategies for each brand, Gold Plus, Royal Gold and Funtime. They needed to reposition of products accordingly different consumer needs and wants. It focuses on keeping loyal customers and creates new profitable customers. All strategic decisions on Funtime film product such as pricing, advertising and product development are made to put right combination between value and price of Funtime.(value pricing) Company

Kodak provides photo film and all imaging products to worldwide under the Kodak brand name. It is a leader in the sector with 70% unit rolls market share.(Exhibit-2) The business portfolio mainly consists of photo film, camera and other imaging products. The Kodak brand has strong brand reputation with wide and quality offerings in the market. It maintains brand awareness by separating higher advertisement budget. Kodak offers different quality of film accordingly customer needs and wants. For professionals and serious amateurs, it offers Kodak Gold Plus and Kodak Ektar with superior value. It aims to increase business portfolio with lower quality films that amateurs want. Kodak film differentiates its product accordingly quality so set different prices for each of them. Kodak will position the Funtime Film to compete with economy brands. Competition

The market is competitive with different players and offering the same products. Fujicolor, Agfacolor, Konica, 3M dominance the market with higher market shares. Kodak is the leader with 70%, Fuji follows the leader with 11%, and Polaroid has 4% and Private label 10% market share in 1993. Agfa and 3M also supply photo films to big retailers under the retailer brand. Consumers focus on brand name and price in the buying process. Customers perceive the value of the brands according to its price and quality of film. (Exhibit-1) Kodak has strong brand name and loyal customers but loyal consumers are only 50% of...
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