Analyze Cause of the Korean War

Topics: Korean War, World War II, Cold War Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Analyze the cause of the Korean War

After the cold war, tension rose in Asia because of communist takeover of China in 1949. This began to concern the USA with the spreading of communism throughout Asia. When North Korea (communist) invaded South Korea (capitalist) in 1950, the USA’s fear were soon realized. In essence, this war was a civil war between North and South Korea however, there was a high risk that the USA, China and USSR would become involved.

Korea had been conquered by the Japanese in 1910 but had a long history of idependence. When Japan surrendered in Second World War, Korea was controlled by the US and USSR army. The 38th Parallel was established to separate the North (Soviet control) and South (US control). This was suppose to be a temporary arrangement hence the UNTCOK (the United Nations Temporary Commission) was established in 1945. The UNTCOK was establish as a general world peace-keeping organization and the purpose was to oversee the organization of elections in Korea. These election would unify the country under a democratic government. Nevertheless, the refusal with the decision of the USSR and North Korea pushed the UNTCOK to go a head with the elections in South Korea and USA, and the satisfied and foregone result was that the US-supported Syngman Rhee.

Yet, the USA was still very worried about the viablilty of this government. At the end of the Second World War, Korea had been taken over by People’s Committees which were dominated by communist and formed the basis of the government in the North. Therefore, when USA and USSR withdrew their army from Korea as previously agreed, South Korea was now dangerously exposed.

When a US Special Envoy named Dulles came and Visit Seoul, Rhee asked US for help. However no promises were given. And this marked the day military forces from North Korea attacked the South, the 25th June 1950.

As mentioned above, the war was supposed to be a civil war over the unification of Korea, but...
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