Analytical Summary of Climate Change

Topics: Tropical cyclone, Climate change, Precipitation Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Analytical Summary of Climate Change
Modeling Methodology Articles


The present essay includes a synthesis of four research articles discussing climate change related to tropical cyclones through various climate modeling methods. More specifically, the articles examine whether the frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones, with subsequent global impact on climate, atmospheric carbon levels, and human population may be predicted through the current climate modeling methodology employed by the authors, and if so, to what extent. The consensus of all four articles, despite inter-author differences in methodology and prediction, is that more research is needed in this area, and that the potential impact of changes in frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones is extremely significant in terms of its implications to the global population.

Analytical Summary of Climate Change Modeling Methodology Articles

The purpose of the present analytical summary essay is to present a synthesis of three research articles and one review article discussing the changing global weather patterns related to tropical cyclones, and the subsequent global impact of such changes. While each of the articles presents the fact of global climate change related to tropical cyclone patterns, the differences between authors lie primarily in methodology used to make predictions, and based on results which vary based on methodology used, the implied significance of predictions related to changing tropical storm patterns. The articles concur that a certain amount of climate change occurs as a result of a natural warming process reflective of climate changes occurring over millennia, but that changes occurring as a result of human created global warming processes cannot be predicted solely through climate models looking at natural patterns that occur over time. There is no debate regarding the...
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