Analytical Presentation

Topics: Cheating, Infidelity, Feeling Pages: 3 (692 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Cheating In A Relationship
Why I Choose This Topic
I found this topic when I googled a list of analytical presentation speech topics. This is one of the topics that jumped out to me and I could find a lot of information on. The Problem
The problem with cheating in a relationship is that all parties of the infidelity are affected. The Person Cheating
This Person is affected because the other person they are in a relationship with could leave them, change, or show a side of them that the cheater has never seen before. The other man or woman could leave them.

The Person Being Cheated On
This Person is affected because they are being cheated on.
They also could be affected because their feeling can be badly hurt and they could be forever changed on the way they look at relationships The Other Man or Women
This person is affected in many ways. The first being the person they are with could leave them or cheat on them as well The second being the significant other could find them and affect there lives or feelings in a significant way. Third this individual may not have known about the significant other and their feeling could be hurt that way. The Cause

Why Women Cheat
Bored In Current Relationship
With everything going on in the current relationship a person may or not know if they are “together” or not Addict
Because The Significant Other Allows It
A person may cheat because in the past when they have cheated their significant other let them come back with no consequences. Insecure
He needs to feel as if he is still attractive and not just to his significant other Emotional Reasons
Most women cheat because they need or lack emotional ties or sanctification A Fight
Why Men Cheat
They are not being satisfied sexually
A form of payback
He needs to feel as if he is still attractive and not just to his significant other Could Not Say No
Not Happy In Current Relationship
After awhile the significant other may have “let...

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