Analytical Paper of "White Man's Burden"

Topics: Racism, White people, Race Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: February 11, 2014
Analytical Paper
Racism has covered an extensive part of our history and even today, it still remains part of our world. Racism determines a person’s characteristics and abilities based solely on one’s race and often is used negatively. Years after slavery had ended, mistreatment of minority races and a feeling of superiority to whites was still common. While not everyone had this beliefs, it still was ever-present in literally devices. Most surprisingly, it even made an appearance in the James Bond book series, a series that remains renowned in today’s world. “White Man’s Burden” glorifies Kipling’s admiration of colonization and white superiority through Fleming’s Goldfinger because of the latter’s idealization of the white race, however, it also was largely negatively received and critically mocked by authors like Labouchére. Kipling ignorantly displays the idea that whites possess superiority to all other races and are burdened to better inferior races regardless of if it is desired or not. Kipling concluded that colonizers were sacrificing oneself out of the belief that they were providing a service and helping indignant and destitute people. He clarifies this when he says, “Go bind your sons to exile / To serve your captives needs;”. However, he is also suggests Europeans are part of an already superior race and that by “serving your captives needs”, the same captives Kipling entails are demonic and immature; they are in fact compelling others to adopt European ways by means of culture. Kipling repeats the “white man” is doing work for not their gain, but the less advanced civilization. They are ““To seek another’s profit / And work another’s gain”. Kipling attempts to reassure that the colonizers are doing marvelous things, but it is instead an excuse for euro centrism and imperialism. Colonizers are considered selflessly offering servitude to build up a civilization, but without much conscious consideration of the lesser race. “The ports ye shall not...
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