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Topics: Argumentative, Rhetoric, National Rifle Association Pages: 4 (1167 words) Published: June 10, 2014
Analytical Documented Essay
According to the article, “Leaders: America and Guns,” it is evident that gun control has proven ineffective when it comes to dissolving the “love affair” that exists between Americans and their guns (“Leaders: America and Guns”). This article highlights the issues that permeate throughout America regarding pro gun groups. Not only is this article persuasive, it infuses a degree of rhetorical strategies including logical, as well as emotional appeals to fortify the issue at hand. Various examples, statistics, and sound evidence is brought to the table, adequately arguing and developing the position that, “Americans want to keep their guns, no matter how high the price,” (“Leaders: America and Guns”). Furthermore, the other article, “Support for Gun Control Legislation,” falls short in strengthening its argument and is not as convincing, in comparison to “Leaders: America and Guns.” These articles use an array of rhetorical strategies to convey their arguments, however some strategies prove more successful or useful than others. Exemplification or defining appears in both articles. These rhetorical strategies seem necessary and perhaps essential components in each article. They serve to properly support and strengthen the statements of each author. Another rhetorical strategy that is prominent throughout both articles is the comparing and contrasting method. This strategy allows the reader to introduce the pros and cons concerning their argument while persuading the reader to take a stance or a step in the right direction. Once the comparing and contrasting have been presented and thoroughly examined, the author can then persuade the reader based on said favorable findings. Apart from these rhetorical strategies, classifying and dividing appear in both articles too. This type of strategy divides difficult or overwhelming topics in smaller comprehensible units. Readjusting a broad topic into smaller subsections lets the writer gain...

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