Analytical Comparison Essay

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Ms. Sadler
Analytical Comparison Essay - REVISED
01 Dec. 2011
Dysfunctional Children Raised By Disobedient Parents
Dysfunctional children all have one main factor to their disobedience and that is horrible parenting. From a single mother raising the child to parents fighting and arguing inside the house in front of the kids. The article, Eminem is Right: The Primal Scream of Teenage Music, By Mary Eberstadt, demonstrates that dysfunctional kids show the greatest emotion due to disobedient parenting. All of this was compared to music from today’s artists. The article, Don’t Mention the Family, By Jason Cowley, Has many segments from different publishers showing the cons of all parenting. From single mothers, beat down dads, to abuse in the household from both parents, but both have similar reviews on bad parenting. Bad parenting causes children to behave more different than normal due to fear, or wanting attention. Many examples are shown from music from artists that have been through it already.

In the article, Eminem is Right: The Primal Scream of Teenage Music, by Mary Eberstadt, clearly shows what most Musical artists are trying to get out there to their viewers. For instance, she brings up artists such as Tupac, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Blink-182, Papa Roach, etc. Most of these artists’ performed as the Top-40 most popular icons in America. Most dysfunctional families come from broken homes in the black community. Mary Eberstadt states that Tupac Shakur, the best-selling gangsta rapper in the time, talked about what parents did not want to hear in his music. He spoke the vulgar truth in every word. Teenage girls getting pregnant and have no one to tell, so they drop out of school to support their child. Boys who grew up with no father try to find a big brother or father figure on the streets, causing them to get into trouble. Although Tupac Shakur never knew his father and had a mother who was charged for possession of crack when he was...

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Eberstadt, Mary. “Eminem is Right: The Primal Scream of Teenage Music.” 1st. Boston: Wadsworth, 2012. 371-76. Print.
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