Analytic Essay

Topics: Universe, Light, Sky Pages: 5 (1383 words) Published: February 16, 2015
Essay Title: “Seeing”
Author: Annie Dillard

Analytical essay

Title: The sense of sight in our life.

The personal essay “Seeing”, written by Annie Dillard, indeed is a mystical literary work. Dillard uses magical and poetic language to describe her own experience of observation of the nature surrounding Tinker Creek. She introduces her subject with an anecdote about her childhood. When she was a little girl she hides her own pennies along the sidewalks of the streets. Afterward, she drew chalk arrows that helped any passer-by “regardless of merit” to find these secret places as “a free gift from the universe”. In her young age, Dillard played this game because she was interested to find out what gifts our world can hide. Many years later she starts to analyze and understand nature of these wonderful gifts. In this essay with the help of observation experience Dillard shows that the universe is full of wonderful gifts from nature and one should find these gifts in order to make their lives more colorful.

Everyone gets wonderful ability to see from birth. However, people usually do not use one hundred percent of this amazing ability in order to pay proper attention to beauties of the world. Consequently, they lose the chance to appreciate the most interesting moments of their lives, and as a result, live their lives at a full value. This fact and Dillard’s youthful habit to play games causes her to wonder about variety of beautiful gifts that our world hide. She writes: It is still the first week in January and I've got great plans. I've been thinking about seeing”. There are lots of things to see, unwrapped gifts and free surprises. The world is fairly studded and strewn with pennies cast broadside from a generous hand (693).

Dillard tells about pennies as a symbol of free gifts from the universe. Most adult people think they come to this world to do money. Therefore, they are not able to see the variety of free gifts in the world. Dillard makes a parallel between surprises in the world and pennies in order to exposes that the revelation of beautiful gifts from the universe no less important than making money. Now Dillard remembers that in her youth she watched the insects that flew in the air, but now she feels that she has lost her ability to catch the sight of inhabitants that are one of the most beautiful parts of nature and which are unjustifiably ignored. In order to recover her ability Dillard tries to observe nature closely. She discovered that the hundreds of beautiful birds were invisible among the branches of tree before she started really paying attention to them. At first sight, she could not see them. She saw just a green tree’s twigs with no birds among them. However, most people cannot see these birds behind of green leaves, because they do not actually look for them or probably just do not care. Some people can ask, Who cares about birds on the tree or caterpillars in the grass even if they are very beautiful? The human world is too big for small ants, butterflies or caterpillars. She writes a metaphoric sentence to show the importance of ability to see, “Can you find hidden in the leaves a duck, a house, a boy, a bucket a zebra, and a boot?”(694) It means that people not only are blind for the small insects, they even cannot catch sight to alive or big objects. People who cannot see butterflies on the flowers would not able to catch sight of different colors the sun’s rays, which are extremely amazing. Some people do not look and therefore do not see millions of stars in the night sky, and that is why they never think about how big these stars are in reality and that space is huge and endless. They never look deep into the water with the thought that there are million of other lives there. Unfortunately, nature never waits when people would be ready to open their eyes in order to see how wonderful the world could be.
Dillard recovered her ability...
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