Analysisi of Ansel Adams

Topics: Ansel Adams, Electricity distribution, Japanese American internment Pages: 4 (1851 words) Published: April 14, 2006
Analysis of Ansel Adams
In this paper we have to analysis one of Ansel Adams photographs in order to identify the visual argument that Ansel Adams is trying to portray through his photograph. We are trying to pull out key details in the photograph to truly understand what Adams wants us to really know about this historical event and why this photograph was shot the way it was. The photograph that I choose to take a deeper look at was "Line Crew at Work in Manzanar". I choose this photograph because I felt that it had the most details that I could pull out to come up with my final thesis statement.

I felt that this photograph had the most interesting details that I could analysis so I could come up with a good thesis statement. I knew that the more details that I could find the easier the paper would be to write. To recreate the photograph there are a lot of details that I would need to include in order for the reader to really visualize what is going on in the photograph and by using the 10 on 1 method you find a different meaning to the detail. The first detail that I had noticed when I looked at the photograph would be the people working on the telephone pole. With all of the vectors, in the photograph, most of them are pointing to the people working on the telephone pole right in the center of the picture. All of the telephone poles in the picture make you look up, and theirs also the pieces of wood on the home, that's in the picture, that also makes you look up at the people working in the photograph. When you first look at the photograph you see the two men on the ground, the first thing you notice about these men is that they are looking up at the men working on the telephone pole. With all of these vectors pointing to the people on the telephone pole the vectors they make it clear that they are the center of attention. The next detail that you notice when looking at the photograph is what the people on the telephone pole are doing. They seem be...
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