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Topics: Business process modeling, Management, Strategic management Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: July 31, 2013
Research Proposal
This proposal presents a body of research that makes various contributions to business process modelling and business analysis. It focuses on the need for business analysts (BAs) in the organisation. A distinction between the role and responsibility of the BA is given. It presents an argument put forward that emphasises that BAs are responsible for aligning the business strategy to the organisations objectives and goals (Cadle et al, 2010:20). It provides various tools and techniques that are used to facilitate this process. It puts emphasis on the need to find the most significant and useful techniques that will be useful in creating a framework for BAs to be able to use in their daily proceedings. However, it also shows that the tools and techniques used for analysing the business models in the process of decision making have no ratings attached or assigned to them (ESI International, 2006: 4). Background

The recent interest in business analysis has led to it being considered as being a proficient discipline. Thus a need for BAs has evolved leading to a need of a clearly defined role of a BA and their responsibilities. Research that has been done on the various techniques implemented by BAs in their daily proceedings shows that their implementation is not very effective (ESI International, 2006: 5). It is only until recently that the presence of a BA in an organisation is considered to be of vital importance. This has led to them being involved in the early business analysis processes. It then follows that for the success of the organisation, the BAs have to be equipped with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to accomplish their jobs properly. Therefore, it is then necessary for BAs to understand the techniques available to them for use in order to align the business strategy with the organisational goals. Various techniques are available for use by BAs (Cadle et al, 2010: 21). Lack of skills and knowledge needed...
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