Analysis: The Knowledge of the Holy by AW Tozer

Topics: God, Omniscience, Omnipotence Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: May 7, 2013
The Knowledge of the Holy

A. W. Tozer’s published work “The Knowledge of the Holy” is much less of a theological argument, and much more a call to worship. It is a sledge hammer, tearing apart of the low view that is so often held of God Almighty, and a foundation replacing a knowledge of how little even our highest thoughts can grasp at who He is. It is a hymnal, with mere words pointing to the higher object of praise inspiring the song.

Tozer begins by acknowledging that his, and anyone’s, absolute best thoughts of God fall shamefully short of His Holiness, but that an attempt, nonetheless, must be made. He explains that low views of God destroy the potency of the gospel and are the foundation of complacency in a believer’s life. If Christian’s truly believed the truth about God, we would be living a lot differently based on that belief. He then begins to go over the attributes of God, beginning with His incomprehensibility. He explains that attempts to truly know the fullness of what God is will never capture Him; in our attempt, there must come a point where we stand in awe of how indescribable He is, wanting to worship, yet finding no words worthy to bring. He continues on to introduce the idea of God’s attributes, explaining that an attribute is not so much referring to a trait, but rather something true of God. He also mentions, in reference to God’s attributes, an interesting point that there may be attributes of God which He may not reveal to us because of their nature; just as angels have difficulty comprehending His attribute of grace because it is not in reference to them, there may be other attributes which would be impractical for us to know due to their nature being other than in reference to us, making them nigh impossible for us to understand.

This introduces the idea of God’s attributes themselves. Tozer begins by discussing the wonder of the Trinity, God’s three-in-one-ness. This leads into the discussion of the self-existence...
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