Analysis: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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The alchemist - Paulo Coelho

The author
Paulo Coelho was born in Brazil August 24, 1947 and is a lyricist and novelist. Paulo Coelho is one of the world’s most read authors. He is believed to be the fifth most read author through time.

Coelho has done a lot of different things in his life. As a teenager he was a rebel and a hippy. Later he started a publishing company, wrote lyrics for Brazil’s most popular artists and has even been in a mental hospital. He has also worked as a journalist and a director. Finally, after a journey round the world, he realized what he was meant to be; a writer.

His most famous book, The Alchemist has sold over 35 million examples worldwide. A lot of people who have read Paulo Coelho have said that his books have changed their lives and they have started living in a completely different way, his books have given their lives a different meaning.

In the beginning of the book, one gets to see thy boy life as a shepherd. The boy tells about his sheep and most of his thoughts and worries are about his sheep and their needs. One day he goes into a small town to meet a girl, and on his way he first meets a gypsy who tells him a about a treasure by the pyramids and then the king of Salem who tells him the same. In the end he is convinced to go and look for this treasure that appears to be his destiny.

The boy sells his sheep and takes the boat over to Africa. There someone steels his money. He gives up hope and wants thing to get back to normal. He starts working in a crystal shop to earn money. There he meets a crystal merchant. When he has enough money to go back to his normal life, the words of the people he has met make him to change his mind, and he carries on through the desert with a caravan. They stop at an oasis because of a tribal war. There he meets Fatima whom he falls in love with. After a while he carries on through the desert with the alchemist whom teaches him a lot about the world.

Almost to the pyramids, Santiago and the Alchemist are taken prisoner by a warring tribe. The Alchemist tells the tribesmen that Santiago is a powerful magician who can turn himself into the wind. The tribesmen are impressed and will spare the lives of the men if Santiago can do it. The boy uses all the things he has learnt along his long journey. First he speaks to the desert, then the wind, then the sun and then the soul of the world and in the end he succeeds.

The boy carries on to the pyramids and when he gets there a robber makes him realise that the treasure was where he first has started his journey. He finds it and him and Fatima live a happy life together.

Describe the main character's relationship with the other characters Fatima: whilst on his journey Santiago falls in love with Fatima in the desert. His love for Fatima almost comes in the way of his destiny, but the alchemist tells him that if it does, it is not true love.

The alchemist: Santiago meets the alchemist in the Al-Fayoum in the oasis. They travel to the pyramids together, and on his way, he teaches Santiago a lot about life, and that he should follow his heart.

On his journey, Santiago also meets a lot of other people but what’s the same for all the people he meets is that although he meets them once and does not see them again, they somehow in some way help him on his journey. Other people who he meets are the Englishman, Meschizdeck, Crystal glass man.

Describe the main character’s appearance
One doesn’t really get to know anything about the boy’s appearance except for that he is a boy and that he carries little stuff around with him.

What do you know about his/her past?
He was born in a small town in Andalusia. He wanted freedom, and although his family wanted him to become something bigger, Santiago decides to become a shepherd.

How is he/she described by the other characters?

Why do you think he/she acts the way he/she does?
Santiago is curios and has an open...
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