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Analysis: Steinbeck's Breakfast, and Dunn's Landscape with One Figure

By MrsGrifkid Oct 12, 2013 523 Words
Natasha Moyler
‘Breakfast’ by John Steinbeck & ‘Landscape With One Figure’ by Douglas Dunn.

The poem is about a scene; in particular, a landscape, which is a favorite of the writer. He uses sensory imagery to describe what he can see and what he feels about this view. The prose is about a memory the writer can vividly remember about a breakfast he had one morning. He also uses a lot of descriptions and detail to explain and stimulate the senses. Voice:

The speaker in the poem is the writer as it is written from his point of view. The speaker in the prose is also the writer as it is written in the first person. Mood:
In ‘Landscape With One Figure’, the writer easily creates a sense of admiration. I know he adores the landscape and this shows when he describes his emotions in the last stanza. “Become a landmark” is a clear indication of his wishes to become part of this beautiful scene. I also think he creates a sense of sadness; mainly from the title as “one figure” means other people probably don’t go there that often and the writer is expressing his admiration for a landscape which is going to waste. This poem also has a strong use of personification, which gives an inanimate object a human behavior in order for the reader to gain a connection and understand what is actually happening. “The trees gesticulate” is an example of this as trees do not wave or gesture but when the reader thinks of trees waving, they can understand what the writer is trying to explain. The mood I feel from this is that the writer believes the landscape is calling to him and he wishes to become a part of this permanently. In the prose, the tone can be dependent on the image you build from the writer’s descriptions. At the start of the extract through the second paragraph, the tone reflects the status of the scene that the writer is creating and it is quite lonely and the mood is that of somebody who is an outsider. This continues in the third paragraph as the writer describes what he can see before moving onto what he can smell and the addition of people in the scene already mentioned. However, as the prose progresses, the tone and mood changes especially when the dialogue between the individuals begins. Once speech is initiated, the tone slowly changes to being warm and the mood is more positive and shows optimism. There is very little dialogue, however, due to the men and woman in the extract not being used to “eating good”. The writer also uses a great deal of sensory imagery to recreate the memory for the reader as closely as possible so we feel we are there alongside him. He emphasizes that it is a happy memory by stimulating our senses using popular scents such as “frying bacon and baking bread”. By describing each part in fine detail, a better picture is created in our minds and we begin to feel we are actually sat alongside the individuals.

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