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Introduction to Digital Marketing
“Analysis of Starbucks Web site”
Irina Popova

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Analysis of Starbucks web site
How corporate web site should look like in 2012 and which requirements it should follow to be successful and to help organization to implement its strategy? Let’s explore this topic on the example of Starbucks Company. Today accessibility became the defining factor for future success of a corporate web site. Your adventure starts if you can access company’s official site. Can the web site be open in any electronic device? Can people with disabilities access it with keyboard only? Starbucks web site home page and other landing pages are free from flash player content, that's making it easy to open in PC, I pad or any other tablet. But it doesn't meet the requirements of disability and discrimination law. Users can not navigate there without computer mouse. Speed to download the web site is high enough; even there is very colourful video content at the home page. It makes Starbucks web site more attractive to customers and increase its accessibility parameters. Starbucks had always its own specific style and web site is implemented in a memorable corporate design. It is aesthetically beautiful. All pages are framed with corporate colours: green and white. High quality of videos, photos and Calibri body font makes web site pleasant to look through and know new things about the organization. Starbucks web site not only visually positive and stylish, also it is user friendly: not only because it is easy to find any information required regarding customer needs, but as well it represents in its content all groups of Starbucks customers: from young generation and managers of all ranks to older people, who love coffee and have dynamic style of life. What does make people to come back to company's web page? One of the main reasons is convenient information architecture and find-ability: navigation at the Starbucks web site is...

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