Analysis Response Essay on Krauthammer's Obamacare vs. Constitution Article

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Civil liberties Pages: 4 (1245 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Response essay on “Obamacare vs. Constitution”
Pamela Aceves

Response essay on “Obamacare vs Constitution”
Now that elections are coming we are hearing a lot of commentaries about politics and the candidates’ pros and cons. I want to make a response essay on the article that Charles Krauthammer wrote. He is a Pulitzer-Prize winner and a political columnist very recognized, he is editor in the Weekly Standard and in The New Republic and he is also known as a conservative idealist. In this article he talks about Obamacare, that is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, it is the most important regulatory healthcare system that U.S. has had recently. It was made for dropping the number of insurance people in America and cutting down the prices in healthcare. In the article Charles points out how the health program was a well-played trick of Obama consisting in just delivering the burden of the health problem to private institutions, instead of the government handling it. It makes all birth control related services be for free, even in catholic institutions which are against their believes. It is a political success that took some obedient catholic groups to beat down the declare compromise and give Obama a major political victory. Before, Obama’s association break apart, this birth control proposition was opposed from some of his loyal but catholic friends that were the ones that split apart. All this “accommodation” is supposed to be a rearrangement for the insurer, but is it really like that? Obama is ordering private companies to give for free a service that the government won’t. Charles in his articles says “Perhaps we should call Obama’s “accommodation” Presidential Decree No.1.” Arguing that this is not part of the president’s authority and that he is violating the constitution in tree ways. First this decree as Charles would say is not respecting the free exercise of religion by forcing them to apply birth control, The second violation is...

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