Analysis Paper The Last Temptation of Christ and The Passion of Christ

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The Last Temptation of Christ and The Passion of the Christ
In the movies, The Last Temptation of Christ and The Passion of the Christ, they both portrayed a different view of what Christ went through leading up to and including his crucifixion.
The Last Temptation of Christ is a controversial adaption of Christ's crucifixion based on a fictional book of the same name by Nikos Kazantzakis. The director, Scorsese, uses an alternate version that places more emphasis on the human being and earthly desires of Christ as a man while His divinity is taken for granted. It starts out with Scorsese almost making a mockery of Christ's life as being a man who makes crosses for criminals to be crucified upon. Christ suffers from doubt, uncertainty, and weaknesses while He imagines He's destined to be crucified but seems confused about who He is exactly. He feels God has chosen him for something but seems uncertain as to what God wants. Christ begs Judas, who is portrayed as Jesus' closest confidant, to promise he will help Christ meet His fate while Judas struggles and pleads with Christ not to have him do this. The depiction of Christ's life does not really show a relationship between Him and His mother, Mary. He goes through the same temptations as humanity. He has a friendship with Mary Magdalene that goes back to childhood and they have a mutual desire for one another while Christ resists acting upon His feelings.

His divinity is seen by God choosing him for something, to be the Messiah and to die on the cross. In the movie, Christ tells Judas that humanity and God will not be united unless He dies and there will be no redemption unless it happens. The movie shows Christ seeking answers from God but struggling to hear God while fighting temptations and deception by Satan. It follows through His trials and tribulations, baptism, teachings, and miracles until the time of His persecution and crucifixion. The movie doesn't show anything to do with His resurrection but Christ does state that He will rise again after three days. This does show the dual substance of Christ as human and divine. In the movie, salvation is depicted by Jesus' suffering and death which saves humanity from sin. This entailed Jesus, as a human, overcoming and resisting temptation and choosing to be faithful and to surrender to what God had designed Christ for and what God wanted of Him.

In the reading on The Last Temptation of Christ, the movie was criticized because the film's adaption of Jesus' trials and tribulations seemed to question Jesus' divinity. Primarily, in the final scene, Jesus imagines what His life would have been like if He were to live out the life of an ordinary man by marrying, having children, and growing to an old age which was viewed as blasphemy because Jesus envision having sexual intercourse. The union of man and wife is one of the basic reasons God created humans according to Christianity's teaching. With Jesus, the son of God, being fully formed in human flesh, He would have the same earthly desires of man and could envision the joys God bestowed upon man, otherwise Jesus' humanity would be a farce. Ebert believed that Scorsese and Schrader paid homage to Christ by portraying Jesus as a man of flesh and blood who struggled and suffered through temptations with free will to make choices while simultaneously, as the son of God, He questioned Himself and His Father about what was the right way for Him to live and die. He experienced doubt and uncertainty in who He was and what exactly God wanted of Him. He suffered through temptations and weaknesses like any other man but was tormented more by Satan trying to deceive and lead him astray from what God wanted of Him.

The Passion of the Christ is tied more to the biblical story about Christ's persecution and crucifixion. It follows from the time of Christ praying in the garden at Gethsemane before He is betrayed by Judas and arrested through to His resurrection. There...
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