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The Most Dangerous Game

In Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game," a story is told about survival and human nature. In it, basic themes are presented, and basic questions are asked. Our hero must answer some of these questions as he finds himself in a quest for survival using only his skills. At the end, the reader will be left wondering his own answer to these questions. In his story, Richard Connell explores the basic human need to survive and what can happen when power remains unlimited. The story begins as Rainsford and his friend Whitney are sailing for South America to hunt jaguar; on the way, Rainsford falls overboard. He swims for a nearby island and finds a mysterious castle. The castle is home to Zaroff and his bodyguard, island. Zaroff initially welcomes Rainsford, disclosing that he is also a big game hunter. However, Rainsford soon discovers that Zaroff uses his island to hunt a different kind of prey: humans. Rainsford is then caught in a deadly game in which he is the hunted, and Zaroff is the hunter.

Rainsford is the protagonist of the story. A self-made big game hunter, Rainsford is adept at many survival skills including defense and tracking. At the beginning of the story, he is presented as a strong and confident man who does not believe in the superstitions of the sailors and thinks their fears are silly. He also feels no sympathy for the animals that he hunts and believes in survival of the fittest; he later identifies with the animals he used to hunt as he is hunted himself. His success at hunting also implies that he is a very determined individual; Rainsford exhibits this trait throughout the story when he refuses to give up and let Zaroff kill him. Although he feels no sympathy for the animal he hunts, Rainsford believes in the sanctity of human life, something he demonstrates when he refuses to hunt humans or talk about the killing he had to do during the war. Although his attitude at the beginning of...
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