Analysis: Our Love Now

Topics: Poetry, Stanza, Rhyme Pages: 2 (826 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Our Love NowChristine Williams
The author of this essay will aim to establish how the poet uses psychological, physical and emotional parameters to convince his lover that their relationship is not dead. This poem could be classed as a Metaphysical Love poem. The poem ‘Our Love Now is a modern poem written by Martyn Lowery. The poem is an argument between two lovers and is written in stanzas where the man speaks first expressing his opinion and then the woman’s. The man is of the opinion that whatever has occurred within the relationship negatively can be repaired whereas it is completely the opposite where the woman is concerned. This is so ironical (physical parameter used by the poet) as there is no common ground between the man and the woman in the relationship with a view to ‘mend’ what is broken. The poem shows the different psychological behaviours towards an issue that has occurred within the relationship. They are at loggerheads about the effects of an issue that has affected the relationship negatively (emotional parameter). Should we take the first stanza, the rift in the relationship is metaphorically expressed as that of an injury (a cut). In this scenario the use of a noun symbolises that something painful had taken place, reading on alliteration comes into play signifying that this will take time to heal (skin slowly) and patience to get back to where they need to be. this is the opinion of the man. In strong contrast to this, here comes the woman practical and sincere point of view. She believes that the relationship is perpetually broken thus cannot be repaired. The emotional aspect of the relationship has changed (love is not as strong or even there anymore). Again the poet has added volumes to the metaphor in the next stanza of the poem ‘observe the scab of the scald’ to emphasize this. The repetition of the‘s’ (alliteration) signifies that these were angry words that that have had a profound effect on them and have left them...
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