Analysis on Student Consumption Habit

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The Analysis Of The Consumption Habit Of University Students 1. Introduction
Consumption is an important part of the daily life. University students, as a special consumer group, have irreplaceable effects on leading the consumption trend and improving the consumption structure. Also, their characteristics of consumption and consumption status also reflect the student’s value orientation. In order to explore the consumption habit of university students, I conducted a survey among the students in the SEGI University, and performed a deep and through analysis on the data collected. In my report, I use the data and the collected result to explain the university’s student’s consumption status and trend in three aspect: expense intention, consumption ideology and consumer psychology. 2. Survey Method And Source Of The Data

In my survey about the consumption habit among university students, I chose to use questionnaire as the main approach to collect data, and I conducted the research among the students in SEGI University. Below is the basic structure of my investigation sample. | Number of people| Percentage|

Gender| Male| 15| 50%|
| Female| 15| 50%|
Total| 30| 100%|

3. Basic Information
Among this survey, I sent 32 questionnaires out and 30 of them are effectively answered and retrieved, thus I got a near 93.75% effective rate of retrieve. According to the gender distribution of the respondents, there are 15 male and 15 female, thus male respondents takes the same percentage with the female respondents, both are 50%. And among all the students took the survey, the majority of them are sophomore, and only a few freshman and juniors. Statistically, there are 24 sophomores, which accounts to 80% of the total sample, 3 freshman, which accounts to 10% of the total sample, and 3 juniors, which accounts to 10%of the total sample. 4. Analysis on the data gathered

From the retrieved questionnaire, I gathered a set of data and according to the analysis on the data, I came up with the following basic understanding about the university student’s consumption habit. First of all, let us look into the distribution of the range of the total monthly expenditure. There are 1 people with monthly expenditure below 500RM, which accounts to 3.3% of the total sample. There are 9 people with monthly expenditure between 500 to 1000 RM, which accounts to 30% of the total sample. There are 13 people with monthly expenditure between 1000 to 1500 RM, which accounts to 43.3% of the total sample. There are 5 people with monthly expenditure between 1500 to 2000 RM, which accounts to 16.7% of the total sample. And there are 2 people with monthly expenditure above 2000 RM, which accounts to 6.7% of the total sample. From the data, most of the students’ monthly expenditure fall into the range from 500 to 1500 RM, which is reasonable under the pricing level today. I also processed the monthly expenditure data statistically through both Excel and hand-calculating, and end up with same results. The mean of the monthly expenditure is 1323.33, the median is 1300, the mode is 1500, and the standard deviation is 464.005. Secondly, I analyzed the source of the students’ monthly expenditure, and found the following.

From the distribution, I can conclude that most of our university students do not have the economic independence and their mainly depend on parents to support their daily expenses. Thirdly, from the data, I summarized the consumption structure of the university students. There are several main expenditures that make up the students’ monthly spending: food, transportation and communication, shopping (clothes, accessories), study, entertainment and social. And each part takes a different percentage.

From the graph above, I can see that the SEGI University students’ expenses mainly focus on three part: food, which accounts for 40% of the total expenditure; shopping, which accounts for 28% of the total...
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