Analysis on Six Flags Commercial

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Lindsay Connell
Shelia Odak
Composition 1 Section 49
October 6, 2014
Six Flags Commercial Analysis
What makes certain commercials better than others? The key to making an advertisement that stands out to all audiences is to make them understand the purpose of the TV ad, while making it interesting. Most aspects of today’s commercials include catchy tunes, interesting storylines, famous mascots, and logos that catch our eye and make us want more. Six Flags commercials include all of these. Many people have seen a Six Flags commercial before and are able to recognize it even without physically looking at the TV. Why is this? Six Flags commercials include all the key points in engaging an ad to all audiences. I believe the Six Flags commercial works by attracting all ages while enticing consumers with a guaranteed unforgettable adventure they will experience at the park. This Six flags commercial has an intriguing storyline that supports the argument. It begins with the scene of a dad looking extremely overwhelmed by his young, overly active son. The dad’s facial expression is priceless! His face describes complete horror and defeat as he is lying on the couch while his son continues to beat his head with a plastic baseball bat. After watching this scene for a few seconds, Mr. Six then appears saying “One flag.” The commercial then changes gears by showing riders, who seem to be having endless fun, on one of the roller coasters at the park. Mr. Six appears once again saying “Six flags. More flags, more fun.” The story of the ad is very important because Mr. Six is implying that you should not just settle for your boring life at home, but instead experience an exciting, unforgettable day at Six Flags. This is portrayed when the storyline changes gears from the chaotic house scene, to the exciting roller coaster scene. The story in the commercial works, while it may be a little overdramatic, it makes the viewers believe what the ad is portraying. One of the first things I notice about an advertisement is the use of musical tunes. Most commercials you see on TV have a special jingle for the company they are advertising. A company’s jingle is just as important as their logo and sometimes better, because the audience recognizes the company quicker when they hear it. The Six flags commercial use the component of music in their ad as well. The song “We like to party” plays in the background of the ad as it shows multiple attractions and entertainment that can be attained from the theme park. The song is very riveting and almost makes you want to dance yourself. The tune can be easily recognized and related to Six Flags without even looking at the TV. It’s recognizable because the tune is so energetic and differs from tunes you hear on other ads. Catchy tunes help companies by engaging the audience to listen to what the ad has to offer. When is the music played in this ad and why is it relevant? Notice that when the music is played, it’s only at the most exciting part of the ad, which is when it shows the entertainment that the park has to offer. However it is not played at the beginning with the dad on the couch with his son. Why is this? It goes back to the argument. Six Flags wants you to believe that their parks can cure your boring home life. Since the music is upbeat, it is connected with the upbeat feeling of the park. The use of the tune helps the story even more because the scene with the dad and son now seems completely dull and in turn makes the theme park seem even more amazing. Also notice what else is going on while the music is playing. In the commercial, Six Flags is trying to persuade you to purchase a season pass so that you will save money, while having endless fun at the park. This is a very clever technique because once again, the music helps the persuasion. The ad already has you in a stimulated mood making it easier for you to make that purchase of a season...

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