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Background Information

In all conscience, talented worker enable organization well developed and produce more income. Every department or jobs have also contributed to the well being of the organization and we should not despise on it. If the job handled with the adequate ability, skills and experience, and knowledge of a person, it will cause the operation of the organization become smooth and produce better result. This is one of the goals of organization and the HR management has the responsibility to employ and retain the talented worker. Nevertheless, the problem is there are several main barriers that caused the talented worker are hard to be recruited and selected especially in developed country, US where there are high competition in the job market. It can be proved based the research of Paul Bernthal, Ph.D. from HR Benchmark Group. The barrier of fewer qualified applicants available and barrier of other organizations competing for the same applicants both show 62% of response, and the barrier of difficulty in finding and identifying applicants shows 48% of response. For instance : -

Top Five Barriers To Effective Recruiting and Selecting Of Candidates

|Barriers |Response | | |% | |Fewer qualified applicants available. |62 | |Other organizations competing for the same applicants. |62 | |Difficulty in finding and identifying applicants. |48 | |Selection process is slow or cumbersome. |25 | |Job roles are increasing in scope. |21 |

Source: Paul R.Bernthal, Ph.D., “Barriers To Effective Recruitment and Selection” in Recruitment and Selection (HR Benchmark Group, Development Dimensions International, Washington Pike, 2001)

“Is the supply of qualified and experienced workers to meet the needs of the private sector in US?” A survey by Manpower of almost 37,000 employers across 27 countries has found that 41 per cent employers are having difficulty filling specific roles due to a lack of available talent. In the US, management and executive roles were also reported to be harder to fill than in 2006. (Brian Amble, 2007) "The absence of skilled IT staff from our Top 10 list by no means indicates that these positions are no longer in demand. Rather, companies are getting more sophisticated about workforce optimization strategies and how they use a combination of internal and external sourcing, on- and off-shoring and automated technologies, which enable them to manage their talent requirements in better way. " said Jeffrey A. Joerres, Chairman & CEO of Manpower Inc. (Brian Amble, 2007) In a word, there is a shortage of supply of qualified and experienced workers to meet the needs of the private sector in US.

Furthermore, “What is the level of competition among companies in US in terms of recruiting talented workers ?” when deciding on a job offer, people still place the greatest weight on pay and job security. All the people work for the purpose of earning money to heighten one’s standard of living. Therefore, once there is a firm provides better offer because of their talent, one will just transfer their current job. The phenomenon of bonus 'buy-outs' has not been seen in the city since 2000, according to recruitment company Morgan McKinley. But with 14 per cent more new jobs on the...
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