Analysis on High Dropout Rates for Under-Represented Communities

Topics: Education, Higher education, School Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Analysis on High Dropout Rates for Under-Represented Communities

High dropout rates in the Latino/a and African-American communities in high school and college are an unfortunate truth that continue to rise and in a way are expected of certain students. These claims can be seen through many research student census' but all have same similarities in the numbers they show. Research shows that half of Latino/a students will graduate from high school and 70% for African-American students and the numbers decline the higher the level of education is. These stats show that less than one percent of Latino/a and African-American students make it passed graduate school and achieve a doctorate. Many times the perception is that these students are lazy or uninterested in school leading to many students to not wanting to do the work and easily dropout. But to the contrary I think that its individual barriers alongside educational ones that give no hope in seeing a future in the higher education system.

After our discussion on the topic of high dropout rates were the drastic low rates for Latino/a students on higher education were compared to my thoughts on the subject. I thought that for Latino/a students with doctorates the percentage would be at least around 5 but its really less than 1. As a student myself its pretty sad to see how much of a minority we are in the higher education system. From the outside looking in it probably looks like Latino/a students really don't care for education and would rather spend their time elsewhere but I think there's such low expectations for Latino/a students that its no surprise there's such low percentages of them in higher education. I also think that combined with the problems one has to face at home its easy to just give up on education. This is something I have experienced myself. Low expectations in students is something I saw a lot in school, teachers really not having any motivation to teach students, giving up on students...
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