Analysis Of A Stakeholder

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Analysis of a Stakeholder

The Stakeholder in which I decided to research and write about is the AMA or to some it may be known as the American Medical Association. This association’s mission is to better public health and promote the art and science of medicine. The AMA was founded in 1847 by a man by the name of Nathan Smith Davis. The group has since invested in the doctor and patient relationship and has promoted scientific advancement as well as improved public health. Mr. Davis was the first editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association back in 1883 until 1888. The first code of medical ethics was adopted by the AMA delegates and they were the ones to establish the first nationwide standards for preliminary medical education as well as the degree of MD’s. This association has become the largest in American history. The AMA continues to serve as an advocate for the profession, physicians, and patients.

The AMA focus on three core areas within health care: (1) Improving the outcome of health care, (2) Changing medical education, (3) and by making sure payment models are delivered efficiently as well as enhancing physician satisfaction. Members of the AMA say they plan on setting goals in order to reach these things. ( By doing so they plan to initiate, identify share, and develop patient-physician decision making. Also when it comes to bettering the system the AMA states that they will: (1) Increase productivity, save lives and money, and improve outcomes and health by developing and practicing it’s delivery, (2) Diversify physician services so that it may reflect the levels as well as its service risk by adopting a good payment policy, (3) and allow physicians to select the models that fits the mode of their practices.( After reading and knowing what the AMA stood for and the mission in which they are striving to accomplish made me better understand how they connect with the health care field.


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