Analysis of a Stakeholder

Topics: Health care, Barack Obama, Health economics Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: December 28, 2012
Miracle Brown
December 11, 2012
HCA 255
Professor White

Analysis of a Stakeholder

In the United State, services organization of health has been changes dramatically over the years. These organizations have also brought businesses that are new to the management for Medicine. Most of the traditional planning for healthcare focus on the health of the public, needs of the community and also developed institutional programs. To increase quality and efficiency or decrease errors of costs, the health care organizations needs to be more adaptable and flexible. The multiple stakeholders in a complex network is how health service deliver. Throughout this paper, I plan to discuss how the stakeholder AMA supports the health care reform and what positions it takes as a stakeholder.

In order for an organization to get the information to evaluate a stakeholder an analysis is done. Through a process of investigation and study is how a stakeholder analysis generates knowledge about an organization and individuals. There are about three primary reasons on how approached of systematic have been used and developed in the health care field. Influence and understand policy is why analysis is done. Analysis is also done for the organizational goals are facilitate to implementation and also analysis is done to determine ways of optimal relating to stakeholder key. “Managers and policy makers’ uses stakeholders’ analysis to identify key players that will help predict whether they might block or support the implementation of health reforms” (Reich 1993).

Stakeholders are individuals who have an interest that is vested in the policy of health care. “Stakeholders are usually grouped into pubic, international, national political, commercial, private, nongovernmental organization, civil society, labor, and users’ consumers” (Crosby 1992). One of the most powerful and important stakeholders is the ANA, which is known as the American Nurses Association....
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