Analysis of a Legislative Bill Related to Nursing Practice

Topics: Drug addiction, Drugs, Addiction Pages: 3 (1543 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Bill S.2125 an Act Relative to Prescription Drug Diversion, Abuse, and Addiction
Level: State
Originally on 11/17/11 Senator Richard Moore presented bill S2072 to the Senate Ways and Means Committee. On 1/30/12 changed to bill S2122. And Senator Steven Brewer sent to the Senate Ways and Means Committee. On 1/31/12 as bill S2115 it was sent to the Senate Committee of Ethics and Rules. This was sent to the House Ways and Means Committee and combined with bill S2072 it became bill S2125 on 2/2/12. On 2/6/12 it sat in the House Ways and Means until 7/30/12 as H4346 where it went to the House Steering Policy and Scheduling Committee. On 8/9/12 both the Senate and the House enacted and laid the bill before Governor. Governor Patrick signed the bill on 8/18/12, Chapter 244 of the Acts of 2012. Sponsors: Senate Committee on Ways and Means

Bill S.2125 is designed to help regulate controlled substances being dispensed and or prescribed every day to thousands of people. This bill states “If a person registered to manufacture, distribute, dispense or possess controlled substances discovers a theft or loss of controlled substances that it requires the filing of a DEA Form 106 with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, and simultaneously file a copy of DEA Form 106 with the police department in the city or town wherein the theft or loss is alleged to have occurred and to the department of state police.” It also states “that controlled substance have to be stored in a locked mechanism container which can not be broken without extreme force to keep the contents safe and accurately monitored”. In laymen’s terms this bill is to help control the rampart abuse of controlled substances by having the persons responsible for writing prescriptions, filling prescriptions of controlled substances and the manufacturing or storing of controlled substances to register as a participant in the prescription monitoring...

References: Article 1: “Memoirs of a Recovering Drug addicted Nurse by Dede Dwyer, RNC-E 3/24/13
Article 2 Reflections: A Good Nurse? By Theresa Brown PHD, BSN, RN
Bill S.2125 an Act Relative to Prescription Drug Diversion, Abuse, and Addiction
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