Analysis of a Dark Brown Dog

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Short story, Family Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Nate Corbran
Professor J. Herron
English 101
20 October, 2012
After closely analyzing the short story of A Dark Brown Dog, the theme identified is that with certain people it is possible to have more trust, faith, and love in a friend than one may have within their own family. The boys family seems to be in a constant battle with the boy all throughout the story. This occurs during the time of the boys fathers drunkenness and bickering between the family about needless matters. It is seen that he does not come from a very good family. “Every time the family is portrayed, it is in a dark or dirty way.”(Stockton Article) Take into consideration the thought of the dog being the most normal thing the boy had in his life. The boy was always the one being controlled, pushed around, or told what to do and all this all might be the reason the boy and the dog ever became friends. The boy wanted someone he could look down upon and be in control of. The dog is represented as somewhat of a Jesus figure in the story. He treats the boy as he wants to be treated and also the dog continues to be loyal and obedient despite the punishment the boy or his family bring upon him. Although the family is rough and tough on the boy and the dog, the two develop a strongly bonded friendship throughout the story. Due to the boys unconnected relationship with his family, he turns to the dog in hopes of finding a happy connection with it. Fortunately the boy finds the friendship he had been looking for. This relationship was a happiness that the boys parents were keeping absent from him. This happiness that the boy wanted for so long was only achieved by the relationship developed between himself and the dog. And this example of happiness shows that it is in fact possible to have more trust, faith, and love in a friend than in ones family. The story starts off when the boy is out on the streets walking around day dreaming of normal preteen activities. This observation leads us to...
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