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Question: A. Analysis of the contemporary Magazine Market.
More Magazine
Created in 1988, More magazine was launched for girls in their late teen, and then was re-launched in 2002 as a life style magazine for younger women in their 20s. More magazine includes; high street fashion, celebrity news, sex tips, beauty tips and men behaviour. More magazine most attract female readers between the age of 18–24 and is aim is to advise it readers about how to find a man (relationship), fashion (what to wear or not to wear), how to spot the latest high street bargains. More magazine is a women’s magazine which is owned by HBauer Media (London lifestyle). Bauer media group: is a private multinational media company, which is industry is for publishing and broadcasting. It has 6,400 employees and comprises 282 magazines in 15 countries worldwide, including: Germany, USA, Spain, France, UK, China Austria and Nigeria. Bauer media published More magazine every fortnightly until September 2007, which it was converted into a weekly published because of the rival Look magazine when it was launched by IPC, according to the guardian, Tuesday 24 July 2007 an article by Stephen Brook. In the last three years and Bauer media magazine official website published More magazine’s circulation as follow.

Year| 2011| 2010| 2009|
Circulation| 152,571| 188,265| 190.708|

Compare to it circulation in 2006, which was 271,629.
I will say that More magazine has had a huge fall in the number of copy sales. however it rivals cosmopolitan, Look magazine and glamour did not go below 200,000 although the struggle in the magazine market sale in the past years is highlighted in the downward figures. 2011|

| Look| Glamour| Cosmopolitan|
Circulation| 280,481| 466,327| 386,852|

More magazine is not really doing so good compare to it competitions in the market sale. More magazine have a Twitter page,...
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