Analysis of William Blake's, Poison Tree

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A Poison Tree is taken from the collection of Blake’s poem titled Songs of Experiencewhich was published in the year 1793. His works focus on the theme of human nature. In hisSongsof InnocenceandSongs of Experiencehe tries to bring a contrast between the innocence seen in achild and how this change as the child matures and learns the ways of the world which brings withit the harsh reality known as experience. It is a very simple poem that speaks volumes on humannature, the habit of keeping anger in one’s mind and behaving in a good manner externally. Thepoem consists of four setsof rhyming couplets. Blake can be called as a mystic poet. He reveals in his poetry his soul’s relationship withGod. He thinks deeply of man’s purpose on this earth. He tries to answer the question of why andfrom where has man’s soul originated.His mysticism was a realisation of the present. ‘Thekingdom of Heaven is with you’ such a realization is the object of Blake’s mysticism. This is thepractical side of his mysticism.The poem highlights the need for letting lose suffocating emotions like anger which if keptinside your mind keeps growing everyday. The poem starts with the poet telling us about how heexpressed the anger to his friend and got rid of it. But when it came to his enemy he kept it withinhimself and it grew inside him to such an extent that he later had no control over it. Here he hasused the metaphor of a tree to show how he watered his ‘wrath’ with ‘fears’ and ‘sunned it with smiles’ and ‘soft deceitful wiles’ letting it grow into a ‘poison tree’ as he calls it which bears a fruitas well. This shiny fruit when consumed by the greedy enemy leads to his death.However we cansee that there is irony in the poem because although he says not to nurture the wrath for your enemyin the mind he seems to be glad in the end to see the death of hisenemy. Lines1-8

The original title of the poem was “Christian Forbearance” . Thistitlehints that the poem...
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