Analysis Of Water, Gatorade And Water
Topics: Chemistry, Enzyme, Concentration, Water, Blood, Metabolism / Pages: 4 (781 words) / Published: Apr 1st, 2018

The purpose of this lab was to determine how an excess amount of liquid, which was water, Gatorade and wine in this case, along with an excess amount of solute, which was the 7g NaCl pill, would affect the kidneys and the osmolarity of urine. Measurements of urine volume, specific gravity and chloride concentrations were recorded in order to investigate this. Our hypothesis stated that the volume of urine would increase for all groups other than the group drinking 80 ml of water along with taking a 7g. This portion of the hypothesis was developed based on the relationship between salt concentrations in the blood and the release of antidiuretic hormone (Martini, Ober, Nath, Bartholomew, & Petti, 2018). When salt is consumed it is absorbed …show more content…
This was hypothesized because the patients that drink the salt-water combination would be drinking less water, along with having higher ADH levels, which would cause more water to be absorbed from their kidneys, resulting in urine samples with higher solute concentrations, which would increase the measurements of specific gravity and chloride concentrations, as these measure the solute concentrations found in the urine (Martini, Ober, Nath, Bartholomew, & Petti, 2018; Kardasz, 2009). The data that was obtained during the lab, shows that students drinking 800ml of water, 800ml of Gatorade or 125 ml of wine along with 675 ml of water, do have an increase in urine production after their control sample. For all three of these groups, their urine output increased consistently until the 90-minute mark, which began to show a decrease in urine production. The group that drank 80 ml of water along with ingesting the 7 g of NaCl, consistently decreased in urinary production after producing their control

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