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HYPERLINK "" \o "Permanent Link to Strategic Analysis of Vodafone Group PLC" Strategic Analysis of Vodafone Group PLC Beginning with a basic tool, a mobile wallet and how Vodafone (rated 10th on the FTSE 100 index) is engaging this issue, then moving on to discuss smartphones and how their popularity is increasing. An assortment of examples where strategic management is occurring within the organization alongside the frameworks used by managers to calculate the company’s future expansion will be reviewed; plus, where threats are causing concern and how Vodafone plans to start a new strategic approach to tackle them. Finally, a conclusion based on the evidence will provide recommendations on how the organization should progress in order to sustain future growth. Introduction

This report will illustrate how Vodafone Group PLC (the world’s leading mobile network company), is using key strengths and opportunities; with a series of analytical frameworks employed by managers, explaining how capitalization is being accomplished. An overview of Vodafone’s M2M markets will be provided, to illustrate the importance of the organization’s interest in merging and acquisition to compete globally with rivals and their substitutes. The examples and strategic methods will identify how the company will protract future growth and emphasize areas of concern in mature European markets. Finally, implications toward what needs to be enhanced and maintained to maximize growth will be examined, because Vodafone currently stands 10th on the FTSE 100 index; and, since 2010, revenue has become ‘organic’.  M2M Marketing and Future Innovation

Most consumers seem not too bothered by having a mobile wallet – younger people do not feel as subdued as older users. Vodafone is working with Visa to reach out to consumers who are willing to use one; also, to combat substitutes such as Orange who have merged with...
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