Analysis of Venture Smith and Gustava

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, African American Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: December 7, 2014
Shai-Dae AlfordSeptember 13, 2014
ENG 337-01

Analysis of Venture Smith and Gustavus Vassa

The early training and culture of Venture Smith and Gustavus Vassa prevents their spirits from being broken under the hardships of slavery in Africa, America, and Europe. Inevitably, the slavery paves a way for them both to become abolitionist leaders. After analyzing the autobiography of Venture Smith and Gustavus Vassa, despite what they may have gone through or seen growing up they display the act of surviving through any trial or tribulation at the end.

Both Venture Smith and Gustavus Vassa had great lives growing up in Africa. Venture was a son of a prince in Dunkdarra, Guinea. He comes from a family generation of very large, tall, and stout people. Soon after young Venture’s marvelous life had came to an end because of an invasion that occurred in his country. His life quickly changed from a young freeman to someone’s puppet in a day. Gustavus Vassa had a similar lifestyle in Africa as Venture. The difference between Vassa and Ventures lives in Africa is the way that they abrupt end. Young Vassa and his sister were kidnapped and sold to slave traders. Both African Americans grew up on a culture-based upbringing. Once the two young African American boys were now slaves they had to quickly transform mentally now that they were alone and needed better skills if they wanted to survive.

Life in Africa started to become very exasperating and hard working for Venture. Soon as Venture touchdown at his master’s place he was already employed in the house. He was a vigorious worker since the age of nine. He already had the knowledge of carding wool or pound for bushel ears of corn but, he wanted to learn more for his own being. Suddenly Venture was punished because of a lie his master was told by his son. Since Venture was so “stubborn” while the master was out, he was also punished. The master had suspended Venture from the gallows and lashed him with three...
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