Analysis of Transcript Coursework

Topics: Entertainment, Jonathan Ross, Robin Williams Pages: 3 (1187 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Analysis of Transcript Coursework
The transcript that I am analysing is an interview between Jonathan Ross and the well respected Hollywood Actor Robin Williams. The interview between Jonathan Ross and Robin Williams is an effective interview because they are both humorous people that have a reputation for their comedic personalities. This relates well to the purpose of the interview to entertain, because Jonathan Ross and Robin Williams work well in conjunction with each other as popular TV personalities. The interview is conducted in an informal register and doesn’t have a general topic or flow throughout the conversation. It is set in a television studio and Jonathan Ross and Robin Williams are sat opposite each other, with an audience present. The purpose of the interview is to entertain, the interview is on “The Jonathan Ross Show” which is generally broadcasted of a Friday night on BBC 1 and has the reputation of being an entertainment programme, as Jonathan Ross has the reputation of a comedic interviewer / TV presenter and often has celebrity guests. The interview is interactional as Jonathan Ross introduces Robin Williams as “one of the raining Hollywood Kings of comedy” which reveals to the reader that the interview is going to have informal and comedic features. Within the interview there are many overlaps and interruptions between Jonathan Ross and Robin Williams. For instance, when Robin begins to tell his story Jonathan Ross interrupts him which deters Robin from continuing. Here is an example of this on lime 24 – 26. “RW: then there is a doctor going (.) Just looking around [oh I] JR: [LAUGHTER] (.h) how lovely to have you back in the UK (.)” This suggests that Jonathan Ross is the dominant speaker within the interview, as it is a part of his job role for being an interviewer and a TV presenter. However, Robin Williams speaks the most in the interview because of his facetious joke telling and his comedic value for entertaining the audience. The...
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