Analysis of Toyota Total Production Management System

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents1
Company Profile2
Timeline of Events2
the Toyota Production System3
Foundations of TPS4
JIT (Just-In-Time)4
Heijunka – Leveled Production4
The Pull System4
Kanban System4
Flow Processing5
Working of the Toyota Production System6
Step 1 -Order information6
Step 2 – Timely Production6
Step 3 – Parts Replacement6
The Results7
Usability of TPS for any organization7

Operations Management is concerned with the production of goods and services ensuring that the produced goods are efficient and use minimum resources. It is also concerned with the fact that the produced goods should be effective, i.e. they should meet customer requirements. The Toyota Production System is an excellent example of an effective and efficient production system, which is symbolic of excellent operations management. TPS also signifies the role that effective operations management can play in shaping the future of the company. The study helps us in realizing how little methods of improving operations can make a huge difference for any company. Company Profile

Toyota Automobiles has centered its activities around the principle of contributing to the development of a prosperous society through the manufacture of automobiles” . By contributing to the society, the company means two things. Firstly, it means that they would try to manufacture automobiles that are in synchronization with the needs of the society and that are able to make the lives of people better. Secondly, they would try to help society at the grass roots level by providing employment, being profitable and paying taxes, thus, consequently, strengthening the economy of the country they operate in. Toyota Motor Corporation is the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world. The company was formed on 28 August 1937 in Japan. It is has 12 plants in Japan, and besides these plants, the company owns 54 manufacturing plants in 27 countries. It has 246700 employees around the world and markets vehicles in more than 160 countries of the world. Timeline of Events

1924 – Foundation of the Toyota Corporation by the invention of Toyoda Model G Automatic Loom 1929 – A British company bought the patent for Automatic-loom. 1933 – The automobile department for the company was established by the name of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. 1936 – The manufacturing of the AA Sedan was completed

1937 – Establishment of Toyota Motor Co. Ltd.
1938 – Production at the Honsha Plant began
1950 – A massive financial crisis for the company, as a result the Toyota Motor Sales Co. was formed 1951 – The company formulated a suggestion system to gather innovative ideas and minimize faults

Hino Motors and Daihatsu Motors are group companies of Toyota. Toyota Co. started collaborating with Hino Motors back in 1966, and with Daihatsu in 1967. The company also got the first Japan Quality Control Medal in 1970. Hence, it is quite clear that right from its establishment, the company has always kept a close check of the quality control measures. Initially, the Toyota Motor Co. Ltd. and the Toyota Motor Sales Co. Ltd. operated separately. However, they were merged in the year 1982. the Toyota Production System

The Toyota Production System is designed for “the complete elimination of the all waste and that imbues all aspects of production with the philosophy in pursuit of the most efficient production methods.” The Toyota Production System is a very robust manufacturing system that is also referred as ‘Just-in-Time (JIT) system’. It is a very famous system, which is studied as well to understand the reasons behind its success. The production control system was not a onetime affair, the system currently at work at Toyota Motors is the results of years of continuous hard work and improvements brought to the old system. The main purpose of building such a system was to...
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