Analysis Of Thom Gunn's Poetry

Topics: Poetry, Sonnet, Rhyme Pages: 5 (1075 words) Published: August 28, 2015

Perhaps, no excitement offered by poetry can be greater than that of its seemingly spontaneous creation. But we are all conditioned to the idea of similar possibilities  religious revelation or falling in love or experiencing some kind of trauma or through what we have observed in others. Some poets have recorded what they had heard or seen and found an outlet for these through their poems.
One cannot question in any way the reality of the experience of poetic inspiration. There is every possibility of having experienced it once or more than once. It has been made possible very largely through common social and cultural preconceptions, which are part of the world in which the poet grows up. What would life be without the possibility of such magical experiences, and the poems or other works of art which proceed from them? Thom Gunn belongs to such group of poets who took to exploring the world around themselves, their lives and their means of living and the reasons for it. They sought to discover the poetic world on their own terms and their originality has enriched the art. For them the expedition into the poetic jungles has paid off. Being gifted writers, they were able to make poems out of the daily events in their lives, because poetry does not necessarily have to be only about poetic subjects. Gunn says in his Autobiography ―I...

A poem, without doubt, can provide us with a vocabulary of expression, whether about love or hate, giving or grieving, joy or misery, war or peace or even a juxtaposition of all these. Modernity in its guise as modern war had profoundly reshaped poetry. In its beginnings, with the dawn of human language, poetry was simply an oral art. Then came the transition from oral to print. Golden ages have since come and passed with poetry broadening out into a huge landscape of possibilities. This widening came about in a number of ways, not in any order of preference, but as an unconscious addition...
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