Analysis of the World Is an Apple

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The play "The World is an Apple" is one of the most famous Filipino play by famed playwright, Alberto S. Florentino. In the story, it was shown how the main character Mario was forced to choose a path that he has long promised to not walk through again because of poverty. The story shows one sad reality of life that when an individual was backed up on a wall, he will do anything even if it's not accepted in his society. The scenario of the story is not far from what's happening with members of our society now that due to limited educational attainment that would qualify them for a proper-paying job that would be adequate for their families’ needs.

The sequence of the story and the technical aspect of the play should be commended. This has shown what Florentino is capable of. It's as if that the fluidity of the dialogues used in the play could have no fault and it came freely out from the playwright's mind into the sheets he spread out in front of him. It's no wonder that the play " The World is an Apple" is still one of the most used plays in the Philippines.

In this story, Mario was represented as a person who had a weakness into temptation for the sake of the people with whom he value so much. Mario’s family happened to be in a low state of living in which they were deprived to had a decent meal because they were poor and didn’t had the ability to buy the family’s needs. Mario had to struggle every day to feed his family. Despite of all his hardships, his wife Gloria, still manages to keep her good virtuous. She insists that the way they are living is a much better than the one they will have if they do wrong acts. He is a father whose primary instinct was to think about the family’s survival even if it meant letting himself fall in the trap of temptation. The apple symbolizes the temptation. It appears to be big and red that could attract a person to have it unlike the one that Mario gave to his daughter, Tita, instead ―a small green...
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