Analysis of the Text Chapter Iv, Theatre, W.S.Moaugham

Topics: Love, Marriage, Mind Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: March 30, 2011
This text is taken from the book of very famous writer W.S. Maugham “Theatre”. This is a piece of narration which is done in the 3rd person. The main key the text is written is rather ironical, as I think, and its slat is very emotional. The main characters of the story are Michael and Julia. They both are actors and work together in the theatre of Jammie Langtone. Julia is more successful and more talented than Machael but it doesn’t disturb them to be fond of each other. In this part of the book the author tells us the story of the engagement of the characters. So the plot is rather dynamic and fascinating. The action starts at the time before Easter when the theatre is closed and that’s why Machael offers Julia to visit his parents. As we can see already in this first paragraph, Michael likes doing everything according to the rules. That’s why he asked his mother to write the invitation for Julia. He thought “it would be more polite than if [he] just took [her] along”. Also we can understand that Julia is already fall in love with him and she is very glad to spend this time with him. To show us her fillings the author uses the epithets and emotional-colored words: “You are sweat. Of course I shall love to come”, “Her heart beat with delight. The prospect of spending whole week with Michael was enchanting.” Michael is like an idol for her. She is ready to idealize all his actions, even this case with invitation: “It was just like his good nature to come to rescue when he knew she was at a loose end”. But as I think he is not so ideal. He is not very brave for man because he is afraid even to say his parents that his girl-friend is a daughter of a vet. Instead of it he writes them that her father is a doctor in order Mr. and Mrs, Gosselyn (his parents) don’t refuse to receive Julia in their home. I suppose it’s not very good for a man to not be able to defend his opinion, his feelling, etc. But Julia doesn’t notice it. She can forgive him everything for his...
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