Analysis of the Song "Runaway Love"

Topics: Mary J. Blige, Sexual abuse, Rapping Pages: 4 (1514 words) Published: December 13, 2011
“Runaway Love”
Ludacris does a remarkable job of portraying his message about the struggles that some adolescents are faced with. “Runaway Love”, by Ludacris, featuring Mary J. Blige (2007), represents the theme of struggle through hip-hop and rap music. It is about little girls who are “stuck up in the world on their own.” They have to take care of themselves because the people they are around do not care about them. They range from nine to eleven years in age, and their goal in life, at such a young age, is to run away from home. Ludacris is trying to get the listener to realize the struggles that even children have to face because adults are not the only ones who have problems, like most people believe. He is very successful in portraying his message through this song. Girls at that young of an age should be enjoying their childhood, but instead they are forced to become adults and take care of themselves. Lisa, whom is nine years old, is always stuck at home alone. She never met her father, and she never sees her mother because she is always out partying and then brings home a different guy every night. Once her mother passes out from drugs that she takes, the new guy sneaks into Lisa’s room and tries to have his way with her. As much as she resists, she is only nine years old and not strong enough to fight him off. Since no one is around to stick up for her, “she says she’s `bout to run away and never come back.” Nicole, whom is ten years old, also deals with the stress of being abused. Her stepfather always abuses her, mentally and physically, and even though her teachers realize what is going on, Nicole makes excuses for him. She wishes that she could leave, but she is unable to because there is nowhere she can really go. Finally, she is able to find someone whom she can relate to and also become friends with. Both Nicole and Stacy know that they are going to have to stick together, so they “promise that they always be tight `til the end.” Their...
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