Analysis of the Ritger Bowling Method

Topics: Professional Bowlers Association, United States Bowling Congress, Ten-pin bowling Pages: 4 (1148 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Analysis of the Ritger Bowling Method
Joshua Amundsen
Mrs. Berg CAPSTONE Class

Dick Ritger is known worldwide for his Ritger Method, but does it really even come close to competing with the basic four step method? Ritger Method goes in depth within your own style of bowling. Basic Method is very strict and has you do a four step approach along with perfection within their method.

Analysis of the Ritger Bowling Method
Professional Bowlers Association and American Bowling Congress’ Hall of Fame bowler, Dick Ritger knows his bowling techniques as the best way to learn the fundamentals of bowling. This paper will analyze the Ritger Method and the basic four step method to determine the Ritger Method is more efficient for learning how to bowl. History/Biography of Dick Ritger

Dick Ritger, the world’s best bowling teacher, was named as one of the Top 20 bowlers of the century and a top star in pro bowling because of the twenty titles he has won. One of the best things about this man is he can teach pro and amateur bowlers alike. There is no one this man cannot teach. Everyone needs coaching no matter your average you can always improve in this sport. Mr. Ritger was a double major graduate for Physical Education and Recreation from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. The reasoning behind his amazingly successful Ritger Method was because of his major in Physical Education. According to Dick Ritger Enterprises, “His worldwide teaching has covered 24 countries on five continents including, Asia, Europe, Australia, South and North America, with many countries using the Dick Ritger structured, systematic progressive teaching program as their base.” Awards and Recognition

July 1995, Dick was given the World Bowling Writers Distinguished Service Award and also given in 1998 the John Martino award for his “Outstanding Contribution to the Sport of Bowling”. (Dick Ritger Enterprise, 2002) In addition to these two awards he has been...

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