“Analysis of the Problem of Working Student in Relation to Their Academic Performance”

Topics: University, Higher education, Education Pages: 11 (3238 words) Published: January 10, 2013
“Analysis of the Problem of Working Student in
Relation to their Academic Performance”

A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science and Office Administration

Racelle Casimsiman
Christine Ann Ramirez
Ana Rose Umali

Dr. Erlinda Mendoza

Table of Contents
CHAPTER I The Problem and Background
* Introduction
* Theoretical Frame Work
* Research Paradigm
* Statement of the Problem
* Hypothesis
* Significance of the Study
* Scope and Limitations of the Study
* Definition
CHAPTER II Review of Related Literature and Studies
* Local
* Foreign
* Local
* Foreign
CHAPTER III Methods and Procedures
* Research Method
* Sampling Techniques
* Respondents of the Study
* Data Gathering Procedure
* Statistical Treatment of Data
CHAPTER IV Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data
* Summary of Findings
* Conclusions
* Recommendation
Many college students work part-time.  Does this affect their school performance?  Employment during school could improve grades if working fosters attributes that are complementary with academic success, such as industriousness or time management skills, or instead reduce grades by constraining time and energy available for schoolwork. Alternatively, working might be correlated with academic performance, yet not directly impact it, if unobserved student differences influence both labor supply and grades.   Most college students face many challenges in their already busy everyday lives. Some students work full or part time while attending college. Others also support families of their own in addition to working full time while furthering their education. The strain of this extra Workload can be overwhelming at times, causing the seemingly easy things in life to become a struggle. Unfortunately, the consequence of this responsibility to one’s education is the additional stress at home, work, and school. Refusing to cope with this stress can cause tension in a person’s physical health, metal state, and personal relationships.

You may think that there is nothing you can do about the amount of stress created in your life. The bills aren’t just going to stop coming, there will never be more hours in the day to fit your busy schedule, and the responsibilities to your family and career are not just going to disappear. But you can have more control over the stress in your life, and by realizing this you have already taken a step in the direction of managing that stress. Once you have identified the need for stress management you can find methods in which to relieve the stress in your life. Some of these methods can do more harm than good and should be avoided whenever possible. Some methods involve reaching out to others. Other methods are solitary. Yet another involves working through the stress physically which also has the benefit of improved health.   A number of people may deal with stress in harmful ways. Some students are endangering themselves trying to relieve stress. Some may engorge themselves on junk food, eating relentlessly as a pacifier for the stress. Others gather by the ashtray with their nicotine sticks, smoking the stress away; knowing they can get addicted to very harmful substances that could eventually cause them health problems later in life. Many people keep the stress bottled up inside, this keeps their nerves on the edge.

Background of the Studies
Student jobs have become a sort of trend among students around the world, who want to work while they are studying. In short, the term that suits this trend is 'Earn and Learn' policy. Other reason why student jobs are popular among students is they help to cope up with the constant increase in tuition fees, and a way to afford further educations. The...
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